into our 

Swim Club 


Support the White River Waterkeeper Swim Guide with a Swim Club membership.




When you join Swim Club, you directly support our Swim Guide program where we monitor popular swimming areas during the summer to make sure they're safe for recreation. 


It's simple. 


1. Buy this item for $10, which covers a portion of one bacteria sample costs. 

2. The next available week, we'll put a label on one of our samples with your name on it. 

3. We'll take a picture of your sample and upload it to social media and tag you in it. 

4. We'll mail you an envelope with an exclusive koozie, a sticker, and a card with your sample's results written on it. 


That's a lot for us to give you for $10, so the other part of the deal is that you help us out by telling your friends on social media and on the river about White River Waterkeeper and Swim Guide! We'll make it easy to "share" your support!


* Please note, our teams collect the sample that will have your name on it from a pre-determined location. You cannot collect the sample yourself and you cannot choose the sample location. The sample location will be one of our 12 regular Swim Guide sites. 


** Please also note that Swim Club Membership is not tax-deductible. To make a tax-deductible contribution, please add a regular membership donation to your order. Note: memberships start at $25/year. Visit our website for more information about annual membership levels and benefits