Your Voice is Needed


The Buffalo National River isn't the only waterbody in Arkansas needing your voice right now. Are the rivers, lakes, or streams that you hold near and dear to your heart suffering from degradation, such as algae blooms or habitat declines? The time to speak up is now. YOU can make an impact. 

If you haven't heard that the Buffalo River and a tributary, Big Creek, have been listed on 
the 2018 303(d) List of Impaired Waterbodies, you have been living under a rock. Staying informed can take a real toll on one's optimism for humanity. So, we won't hold it against you. We understand the need to protect your mental health. 

Check out ADEQ's website for an 
overview of how the list is developedsupporting materials associated with 2018 decisions, and a savvy new interactive map that lets you view waters ADEQ has assessed as "impaired" that will be prioritized for future monitoring and restoration activities. And then comment. 

Individual comments are important. But, honestly, how can anyone find the time to learn that much about Clean Water Act requirements in his or her spare time to ensure comments are meaningful? Well, you can support a Waterkeeper, and if you're lucky, one whose previous job was working for a state agency in a role tasked with carrying out Clean Water Act requirements like the 303(d) list. Lucky you. I've made you this comment form to aid with submitting meaningful comments that CAN make a difference. 

For clean water, 

Jessie J. Green, your White River Waterkeeper