Buffalo National River & C&H Hog Factory: By the Numbers

Buffalo River, Gilbert - N. Maumee, 2017

Legislation will likely be introduced today or tomorrow during a Special Session for the 91st Arkansas General Assembly. We have seen several version as the bills were being drafted by lawmakers and special interest groups. The first draft clearly showed the intent to circumvent ADEQ's permitting authority and their denial of C&H's Reg. 5 permit.

After sending 119 personal emails to senators and representative, hand-delivering letters and petitions, taking to the Capitol to talk with lawmakers directly, creating Facebook frames to spread awareness, and of course encouraging our members and friends to pick up their phones and email lawmakers to discourage legislation that would undermine due process while threatening the fate of the first National River - it may not be enough to stop the forces of some special interest groups. It is notable that increased Nitrates and Total Nitrogen have been found in the groundwater at C&H (Peterson 2018) and Nitrates in Big Creek increasing below the farm, but also that a disappointing number of your legislators don't want to listen to any interpretations of the data. Most refuse to listen to an explanation of the relationship between nutrient enrichment to algae and dissolved oxygen necessary for fish and other aquatic life. Most refuse to take the time to let me inform them that Big Creek is impaired for dissolved oxygen and algae on the Buffalo River is threatening to impair its designated uses. Despite those disappointments, we thought maybe some other numbers might do a better job of speaking to our lawmakers. We revised a compilation of numbers related to C&H and added citations.

Relevant Numbers: Buffalo River and C&H


Don't forget - someone always lives downstream. While data already indicate problems, if something catastrophic were to happen, Searcy County would suffer the most. As far as poverty and access to safe drinking water are concerned - Searcy Co. is already suffering. What would happen to the poverty rate and ability to repair infrastructure if the lower section of the Buffalo River was no longer an ideal tourist destination?

Be the voice for the Buffalo. Share. And CALL your legislators and Governor Asa Hutchinson today!

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