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By donating to this campaign, your contributions will help cover lab and sampling equipment, collection and processing costs, and will allow us to make data readily available and accessible to the public.


Swim Guide is an effective tool for ensuring the public is alerted of unsafe swimming conditions on the Buffalo River. White River Waterkeeper's staff and interns collect water samples at 12 popular swimming holes every week from Memorial Day through Labor Day and post E. coli results online at and via a free text message alert system. Swim Guide is completely free to use for the public but only because of the generous support of our members and donors who fund this ~$15,000 project.  


We want to help you make better-informed decisions of the safest places to take your family to recreate on the water in the summer. Your contributions can ensure this is a sustaining program. Help us reach more people and lower the risk of recreational illness by making a contribution in any amount. All contributions are 100% tax deductible.



We happily accept donations of any amount. 


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